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Stoney Creek Contracting  |  250.320.0842

Daley & Company

A new office renovation is a welcoming change for this company and their clients by adding to the "wow" factor of the company experience.

This renovation was completed entirely around the working schedule and without disruption to the company or the clients. Creating a custom design that is effective and functional has updated and produced a contemporary and elegant working environment that pampers employees and clients alike.
"Our accounting offices have been at the same location for over 20 years. Over that time we have undertaken several renovation projects so are aware of the disruption and anxiety that accompanies the construction process. None of our previous projects was the magnitude that we contracted Stoney Creek Contracting Ltd. to perform, and none was done as professionally and as seamless.

It was evident from the start that Joel was organized; detail oriented and had considered all aspects at every level of the process. If you look at the picture of the “before” and “after” you would definitely notice the WOW factor that we and our clients have experienced and appreciate. What the pictures does not depict is the professional and efficient process that Stoney Creek guided us through to get to the after. It was essential that our office remain open and functional during the week. Construction was done in phases during evenings and weekends and our workdays were never interrupted. Also notable was how extremely clean the office was kept through the process, not like your typical construction zone.

Together with Stoney Creek we were able to determine the best options for our office and were never disappointed. Our expectation was focused on workmanship and quality of final product. The value added by Stoney Creek was superior customer service, the delivery of the schedule and an understanding of our needs. Every effort was made to ensure that the renovation process was as effortless as possible on our part. We experienced efficient, professional service beyond our expectation."

–Norman Daley